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tychesgames's Journal

Tyche's Games News and Events
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Games, gaming, anime and events at Tyche's Games in Athens, GA
Athens, Georgia, biggest little game shop, specializing in roleplaying and board games, but we also carry traditional games and collectible card games. You can find us at 1056 S. Lumpkin St, Athens, GA, 30605, USA. Telephone: 706-354-4500.

We also rent Anime (best selection in North Georgia, over 1,600 DVDs), sell manga, Japanese snacks, action figures and wall scrolls.

This group is for announcements, events and discussion of events and things at Tyche's Games.

The Athens Gaming Club meets for boardgames at Tyche's Games every Tuesday from 8:00pm-11:30pm.

Proud sponsor of UGAnime and the Gamers' Association of the University of Georgia.

For more gaming in Athens, visit Athens Gamers Unite.